Wound healing workshop

Date: Saturday, 31 October
Times: 8:30-11:45 (morning session)
Cost: 50 EUR Members / 150 EUR Non-members

Dr. Elena Conde Montero
Dr. Miriam Loots
Dr. Kirsi Isoherranen
Dr. Wieke Huijng
Ms. Cathelijne den Hartog


After an introduction that will explain the main principles of diagnosis and treatment of leg ulcers, participants will be divided in groups that will rotate in different stations.

Wound assessment will be explained following a holistic framework, considering not only the wound, but also perilesional skin and patient comorbidities.

Different diagnostic tools to establish the vascular status of the patient will be discussed. Ankle-brachial index measurement will be performed by the participants themselves.

Practical tips to get to a systematic and efficient differential diagnosis pathway will be suggested. The variety of possible aetiologies of leg ulcers will be explained through rich iconography.

A theoretical and practical approach to compression therapy will be based not only on its benefits for venous ulcers but also on its usefulness in any leg ulcer, when no contraindications exist.

The range of wound dressings and other products, such as negative pressure devices commercially available, will be explained, focusing on their components and indications. Autologous skin grafting and cutaneous substitutes will be suggested as interesting options to promote epithelialisation.

Learning objectives:

At the end of the workshop the participants:

  1. will be able to perform an accurate wound assessment,
  2. will know how to measure ankle-brachial index,
  3. will be able to make relevant differential diagnosis,
  4. will understand compression therapy,
  5. will know different local strategies to promote wound healing, from wound dressings to skin grafting.
Level of proficiency:

The workshop is designed both for residents and interested specialists.


Presentation All chairs
Station 1: Wound Assessment, vascular status measurement 

– Holistic wound assessment

– Palpation of pulses, Ankle-brachial index, Toe pressure measurement

Kirsi Isoherranen
Station 2: Differential diagnosis

– Quiz with clinical cases

– Clinical clues for differential diagnosis

Miriam Loots,

Wieke Huijng

Station 3: Compression therapy, wound dressings, devices and skin grafting

– Chronic wound= inflammatory lesion

– Basic principles of compression therapy: band/ bandage, stretch/stiffness, padding

– Bandages/ stockings/ velcro devices

– Understanding the utility of different  wound dressings

– Negative pressure devices

– Split-thickness skin grafting. Interest of punch grafting

Elena Cond,

Cathelijne den Hartog

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