Surgery workshop – Beginners

Date: Thursday, 29 October
Times:  8:30-11:45
Cost: 50 EUR Members / 150 EUR Non-members

Dr. J. Marcus Muche
Dr. Victoria Marmgren


In the first part of the workshop we will introduce the theory of preparation of surgical procedures, (facial) anatomy, anesthesia, instruments and suturing. The second part will focus on exercising punch biopsy, ellipse excision and different suture techniques. At the end, basic principles of flaps and grafts will be reviewed shortly.

All aspects will be discussed and illustrated with lots of pictures, followed by hands-on training in groups. During the training, live video will be used to visualize anesthetic procedures, use of instruments and suturing.

Learning objectives:

  1. to be familiar with the theoretical background of surgical procedures in dermatology
  2. to review instruments and suture techniques
  3. to be skilled in different suture techniques
Level of proficiency:

Beginners, no/little knowledge of dermatological surgery


Welcome J. Marcus Muche
Presentation: Review of facial anatomy, local anesthesia and suturing Victoria Marmgren
Hands-on training suture techniques and ellipse excision J. Marcus Muche,
Victoria Marmgren
Presentation: Introduction of flaps and grafts J. Marcus Muche
Hands-on training flaps/ video J. Marcus Muche,
Victoria Marmgren
Closing remarks J. Marcus Muche

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