Phlebology workshop – Beginners

Date: Friday, 30 October
Times: 8:30-11:45
Cost: 50 EUR Members / 150 EUR Non-members

Prof. Felizitas Pannier
Dr. Laura Fischer
Dr. Liselot Vink


The participants will be introduced to the main principles of phlebology.

To start the following will be explained and discussed:
– the anatomy and physiology of the lower limbs,
– the diagnostics and investigations used by phlebologists,
– the therapy of varicose veins according to the newest guidelines, including sclerotherapy.

Afterwards, participants will be divided in 3 rotating groups for hand-on learning of
– production of sclerosing foam,
– injection of spider veins,
– duplex guided injection techniques.

Injection models are used to practice injection techniques and foam production will
be demonstrated and performed by the participants themselves.
In addition, there will be time to discuss questions around indications, techniques,
side effects and results of sclerotherapy.

Learning objectives:
At the end of the workshop, the participants

  1. will have refreshed the anatomy and physiology of the vascular system of the lower limbs
  2. will be able to make positive and differential diagnosis of vascular diseases of the lower limbs and
  3. will know how to perform several therapeutic procedures used in phlebology (e.g. sclerotherapy).
Level of proficiency:

This course is designed for beginners in phlebology examination and treatment (i.e. sclerotherapy), as well as for anyone who likes to refresh their knowledge in this field.


Varicose veins, classification and diagnosis Dr. Liselot Vink
Sclerotherapy of varicose veins Prof. Felizitas Pannier
Sclerosing agents and production of foam Dr. Laura Fischer
Sclerotherapy of subcutaneous varicose veins Prof. Felizitas Pannier
Sclerotherapy of spider veins Dr. Liselotte Vink

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