Exhibitor / Satellite Tickets

All exhibitors must be registered within the EADV registration platform in order to gain entrance to the Congress Venue.

Exhibiting companies have to purchase the below tickets to register their staff:

  • Exhibitor Tickets: they are available for the staff working at the booth rented by the exhibiting companies only;
  • Satellite Tickets: they are available for the staff employed by the company organising a Satellite Symposium Session or an Industry HUB Session.

These tickets are not available for general public.

Exhibitor Tickets

According to the booth size, each exhibiting company is entitled to receive a given number of free exhibitor tickets, as per table below:

Booth square meters Number of free Exhibitor Tickets
≤ 6 2
≤ 9 3
≤ 12 4
≤ 15 5
≤ 18 6
≤ 21 7
≤ 24 8
≤ 27 9
≤ 30 10
≤ 40 12
≤ 50 14
≤ 60 16
≤ 70 18
> 70 20

Exhibitor & Free Exhibitor Registration fee includes:

  • Exhibitor badge
  • Transportation Pass
  • Admission to the Networking Symposium (Wednesday, 28 October 2020)
  • Admission to the Exhibition Area (open on 29, 30 and 31 October 2020)
  • Admission to all Industry Satellite Symposia Sessions and Industry HUB Sessions *
  • Admission to the Industry Lounges and Industry Meeting Rooms
  • No admission to the EADV Scientific Sessions

* Industry Session organisers could limit participation to certain representative groups independently from EADV recommendations if deemed imperative to the achievement of the intended purpose of the Industry session. The organising company reserved the right to refuse single badge, in particular if not adequately related to the objective and purpose of the session.

Satellite Tickets (for Satellite Symposia & Industry HUB Sessions)

All companies organising a Satellite Symposia Session or an Industry HUB Session receive a given number of Free Satellite Tickets as per table below:

Type of
Number of
free Satellite
1 Satellite
1 Industry HUB 5

Satellite Tickets are strictly connected to the relevant Session and can be used only for the day when the Satellite Symposia Session or the Industry HUB Session is taking place.

Satellite & Free Satellite registration fee includes:

  • Satellite badge
  • Admission to the Satellite Symposium or Industry HUB Session for the company they work for and which is organising the Satellite Session or Industry HUB Session
  • No admission to the EADV Scientific Sessions
  • No admission to the Exhibition Area
  • No admission to the Networking Symposium

How to purchase additional Exhibitor or Satellite Tickets

Additional Exhibitor or Satellite Tickets can be purchased online by the exhibiting companies in order to register additional staff members:

Additional Exhibitor Ticket 120 EUR + VAT*
Additional Satellite Ticket 100 EUR + VAT*

* VAT = 20%

Employees of the Industry (such as distributors, industry representatives, marketers, business developers, CEO, COO, etc. working in the field of dermatology) who intend to have access also to the EADV Scientific Sessions, need to purchase a Full Congress Ticket.

Please refer to the category section to find out the correct ticket to be purchased.

Companies interested in exhibiting or needing any information related to their booth/Satellite Session must contact: exhibition@eadvcongress.org

For any query related to the registration tickets please refer to: group@eadvcongress.org

All requests regarding above tickets should be sent to the Registration Department no later than Wednesday, 14 October 2020. After this date, special requests will not be considered.

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