In 2016, Austria’s capital Vienna hosted the 25th EADV Congress. Now four years later, the conference returns to this remarkable city whose breathtaking beauty and cultural legacy make it an ideal location for Europe’s flagship dermatological event.

EADV Vienna 2020 - About Vienna

Vienna has a rich dermatological history beginning with one of the founding members of scientific dermatology and venereology as we know It today, the Austrian Joseph Jakob Plenck, who lived and worked in the city. Plenck’s work and presence in the latter half of the 18th century set the stage for his successors including Ferdinand von Hebra, the first to define dermatology as a distinct medical specialty, Moritz Kaposi, first to describe the Kaposi sarcoma in 1872 and to found the Austrian Society for Dermatology (ÖGDV) in 1890, and Heinrich Auspitz, a pioneer in tissue pathology who first described the pinpoint bleeding on removal of psoriasis scales. In short, Vienna can be considered the birthplace of modern dermatology, inspiring dermatological innovation across the world.

EADV Vienna 2020 - About Vienna

There are of course plenty of reasons to fall in love with Vienna even if you are not a dermatologist. From the majestic baroque architecture and the imperial presence and charm of the streets of the Innere Stadt, to the music, the literature, and the art. Not only is Vienna one of Europe’s most walkable cities with each district owning a distinct vibe, the city has a longstanding tradition of making music (like the opera and the philharmonic orchestra) accessible to everyone from students to royalty.

Ruel Jacob | Christian Posch, MD PhD

EADV Vienna 2020 - About Vienna
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